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The story of the Happiness Letter

I’m Zita, a writer living in the Irish countryside – and your happiness pen pal! I started the Happiness Letter at my kitchen table in 2021, following a particularly tough time with my mental health.

Like many people, my already wobbly mental wellbeing really suffered during the pandemic. I found myself struggling with burnout and depression, and I knew I had to make a change.

That's why I created the Happiness Letter. It’s devoted to slowing down and focussing on one happiness-related topic per week, presenting the latest info and time-tested wisdom in a fun, refreshing way. I explore the art and science of mental health and wellbeing (and interview some experts in those fields), then deliver it to your inbox once a week.

The Happiness Letter is my light-hearted exploration into what might make you – and me – a little happier. I’m excited to share my findings with you!

Sometimes scientific, frequently philosophical, and always uplifting, the Happiness Letter will provide you with a weekly reminder to prioritise your happiness – because sometimes we all need a little reminder.

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What subscribers say:

  • “I am LOVING the Happiness emails… I love the fact that they are emails, as it gives time to really read it and reflect.....also I seem to have developed an allergic reaction to social media, so it's right up my street!” - Frieda

  • “I absolutely love it. It’s like a little ray of sunshine in my email inbox. I just think it’s really inspiring.” - Annemarie

  • “I love your emails 🤍 thank you for sharing them! 😊 They are always a little reminder of how I can take control and choose the right mindset!” - Claire

  • “I’m loving these Happiness Letters… Simply wonderful. Thank you 😊” - Paula

  • “I look forward to my weekly email! Thank you for your inspiration!” - Jennifer

PS: I want the Happiness Letter to be an online oasis of tranquility for you; free from stressful stuff like intrusive ads, pesky pop-ups, and other digital distractions. That’s why the Happiness Letter doesn’t serve ads – it serves you, the reader.

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The Happiness Letter

👋 I'm Zita, a writer trying to live a slow-ish life in the Irish countryside.